Poking the Box

Entrepreneurial spirits have a need to make things happen. I finally finished reading ‘Poke the Box’ by Seth Godin last night and I loved it. Poking the Box is about our ability to see unique opportunities and develop a decision based plan and strategy for action. Most of us have a very hard time thinking […]

Conflict and Clarity: 7 Elements to Address Both

Conflict is a necessary part of leadership. With opportunity and growth comes change. Change potentiates conflict. A common conflict situation I have experienced in the workplace occurs when there is a lack of clarity in the direction desired or agreed upon roles and duties for all members of a team. This can create negative results […]


Have I said how much I love Sundays? I know, I know,…..I say it all the time. Sundays are great for S L O W. Sundays for me are slowing down in love, in our relationships, in prayer and thanks, AND delishing in slow food. My Sundays are in preparation for the week ahead. I […]

Relishing the Present

Living in the present means relishing every moment, devouring each as though it were your last. When we begin to relish each one with faithful anticipation, we learn to banish all worry that consumes us. Worry is a by-product of distrust in our journey. When we have faith that we have done all we need […]

The Top 15 things that Happen Once You begin to Fearlessly Lead with Your Heart

Leadership comes with many rewards, many successes, and sometimes an over abundance of what seems like failures. If your current environment leaves you wondering why it was you signed up for this gig, have faith. It is often during the toughest of times, times spent riding out a perfect storm that we as leaders are […]