What’s Up for 2015?

Tomorrow begins for me an annual pilgrimage, a two week period of time that I look forward to each year with great enthusiasm and energy. I have selfishly embraced this time for more than 20 years, finding time to be mindful in evaluating my life, my contributions, my progress toward goals, am I on track […]

Estranged Relationships

There is a little talked about, silent epidemic that is growing among families-parental estrangement from adult children. No matter the reasons or how it initially happened one thing is clear, it is the child’s reality and nothing you can do or say will convince them otherwise. Dr. Joshua Coleman has done much work on the […]

The Importance Hydration, Especially When It’s Hot!

Originally posted on Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat:
We’ve been told how important it is to stay hydrated. Well, it is and especially when it’s hot and humid. We lose much more during the hot months than any other time of year. Our bodies sweat to keep itself cool. You’ll even notice your veins…

Decisions and the One Lane Bridge

I am absolutely blessed with a great commute. I happen to live, work, and play in the Northern California Sierra foothills. The thirteen miles I travel to work takes me through the rural backroads and with only one traffic light in between home and my destination. I travel due east on my way to work […]

Calculated Moves

Leading well is an artful craft that requires calculated moves. Living well is much the same, an artful craft that requires calculated moves. It is rare I do anything that is not calculated. Forgive me, it’s the process improvement geek in me. If I can’t improve upon it, it does not warrant my time, AND […]

Time for a PC Tune-up?

Your Nutritional Goals may be ready for a PC Tune-Up! Spring is right around the corner and if your nutritional goals feel like they are hiding under a winter coat, then maybe it’s time for a PC Tune-up. No not your computer PC, I am talking about a Portion Control tune-up! If you are like […]

Legs! Fast and Furious!

Thought I would share my fast and furious leg workout with you. I promised I would! When I say fast and furious I am not talkin’ about the moves. The moves are done at a moderate speed, maintain good form, and move with intention. The idea for this workout is to move fast enough from […]

The Power of Clean

Here we are! 2013! I love the start of any new year, always filled goals and energy and promise. If at any one time we as people felt empowered to “do it all”, this is the time. For the last two years I have been blessed to be trained by Jen Hendershott. I never had […]

It’s All About the Math

Perseverance for me is by far the most important factor in determining the amount of joy and success you will achieve from your workout plan.  I am talking about results not only at the gym, but results in your life. Success in life and in the gym is not about how talented you are, about […]

Yearning to be Well

We all yearn to be well, to be in control of our lives and our health. We seek energy and to feel fit. As we move through life, as we grow, as we age, the gap between well and wanting to be well increases until pulling it all together is like trying to button the […]