Greater Heights

If you want to experience great joy learn to wake each day with goals that take you to great heights, command great thoughts, free your energy, and inspire your hopes. Learn to look not only what is right in front of you but at the whole picture. Get a 360 view on what is available […]

Find Your Desire, Feel The Burn

Reaching meaningful goals commands deep desire. I love Pinks words……”Just because it burns, doesn’t mean you are gonna die…” I don’t necessarily like the video as it drums up some long ago PTSD stuff for me, but I do love Pink’s words. When ever I have fought for a meaningful goal it has required I […]

Motivation or Innovation?

Do you crave better results? Better results in your health, in your business, in your marriage… your life? If you want results, you better get innovative. Can’t seem to find a way to afford that 335i? Want a Fortune 500 company? Maybe you just want a nice set of 6 pack to die for abs. […]