How far have you come?

Sunday is my most favorite day of the week. It’s me time to reflect, connect, appreciate, respond to lifes gifts, and engage in that inner connectedness with all things important that sometimes gets lost in the waves of everyday life. I love the words of Romans 8:28…In all things God works for the good of […]

Relishing the Present

Living in the present means relishing every moment, devouring each as though it were your last. When we begin to relish each one with faithful anticipation, we learn to banish all worry that consumes us. Worry is a by-product of distrust in our journey. When we have faith that we have done all we need […]

Morning Rituals

Welcome to my morning ritual! Where ever I am, whom ever I am with, and no matter what I am doing it has become a morning ritual to watch the sun rise. It is my daily reminder of the life that waits before me. It brings me greater joy than any other moment in my […]