Defying Gravity

Defying gravity is a science, an art, and a labor of love. Aging gracefully should be embraced with abandonment and include healthy activities that bring you great joy! What will you do today to invest in a healthy aging way of life? 

Booty Poppin’ Sunrise Shepherd Pie

This recipe looks complicated but it’s really not. Its organic, good protein, low-carb, and gluten free if you are sure to get gluten free cheese, most cheese is. The two spices that may be tricky to find are Aleppo Pepper and Canella. I found them both at Dean and DeLuca in Napa- one of my […]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Yesterday I took a personal ‘time out’ and retreated to the kitchen. We all have our escape, for some it’s the TV, some it’s the man (or girl) cave, for me it’s the kitchen; the kitchen is my girl cave. Creating healthy yummy food in the kitchen comes right up close to a great workout/cardio […]

Freek-y Clean Super Bowl Eats

Its almost Superbowl time! Good eats and Superbowl are a given! What would Superbowl be without good eats? Who doesn’t include a fabulous food menu on the list of “must haves” this Sunday? But listen, just because food is a focus does not mean you have to look like an audition participant for Foodie Behaving […]