How far have you come?

Sunday is my most favorite day of the week. It’s me time to reflect, connect, appreciate, respond to lifes gifts, and engage in that inner connectedness with all things important that sometimes gets lost in the waves of everyday life. I love the words of Romans 8:28…In all things God works for the good of […]

Defying Gravity

Defying gravity is a science, an art, and a labor of love. Aging gracefully should be embraced with abandonment and include healthy activities that bring you great joy! What will you do today to invest in a healthy aging way of life? Merry Christmas to all of you! This Christmas is one of the rare ones that Ron and I are spending the day home alone, without the joys of loved ones surrounding us. I know there are some of you that will be attending family gatherings that are less than joyous, and even bring out […]