Rural Health Care and Reform

The contemporary issue at hand is in developing an ongoing education and competency program, within the financial and time constraints so common to today’s rural healthcare clinics. The healthcare organization today, and its leaders must develop a strategy for incorporating this into the newer models and expectations of medical and nursing teams, and the Patient Centered Model of care.

Leading Change in Healthcare

Healthcare leaders today are tasked with creating robust and complex changing organizations that are well equipped to navigate through newer patient-centered models of care. For our healthcare workforce this means that leaders must learn to apply positive psychology and a relationship-centered model of care. Steps that healthcare leaders can take to increase their effectiveness in […]

Goals and Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion we feel when we perceive that we have received an intentional benefit from another person or higher being. Psychosocial science has long held the belief that gratitude is one of the most import of human experiences. In a recent study out of the National University of Singapore, researchers sought to tie […]

Stress and Burnout in Primary Care

Studies show that workplace stress and worker burnout in primary care is on the rise. There is a growing body of evidence showing increasing amounts of recognized stress and burnout. This stress is creating a negative impact on our personal lives, as well as our health. Some medical model researchers believe that this is just […]