PerspectiveI am ever aware of what seems like a growing number of people and family members that have chosen to shut out the lives of others. We do this with such a quick brisk exit that there is no time or opportunity to learn how to agree to disagree. When we do this our actions say “I am not brave enough or not confident enough to see the world from the perspective of another.” Breaking news! We weren’t meant to agree on it all! God made us different, he meant for us to have varying perspectives, he did this so we could learn from one another. I personally find it very boring to be only in the presence of someone that agrees with my every word, AND… I’d even take it a step further and say I fail to trust them. Disagree with me, give me the details, and I trust you to the moon.

Try this relationship trust builder: Take today, take this holiday season, to ask for a different perspective from someone you have been in disagreement with. Ask them for their perspective, not to find a way to argue your point back (resist the urge, this is not about you), but to sit with it and learn from it. It doesn’t matter if you agree, you aren’t always meant to and this is not what this is about. This is about your own personal growth and maturity in getting along with others. The perspectives of another can serve to confirm our own perspectives and suspicions, or serve as an opportunity to learn. I read this quote this morning…. When the train enters the dark tunnel you don’t throw away your ticket and jump off, you trust the engineer. When someone we love disagrees with us it can feel really dark. Be brave, sit with it. I promise if you do, a perspective you could not see while you were arguing your point will unfold. You will become wiser and your relationship will grow deeper.

Until we find it within ourselves to unconditionally love our own families, our neighbors, and our communities… we will never find a way to achieve and sustain global peace. It all starts with our own ability to see the world from the perspective of another.


  1. Wow, Susan, I have never heard it better. I truly believe in every word you wrote. I pray all others can find it inside the heart to listen to your words and truly live them. Thanks for this! Merry Christmas!

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  2. Thank you Cori for stopping by and for the kind comment!


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