Goals and Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion we feel when we perceive that we have received an intentional benefit from another person or higher being. Psychosocial science has long held the belief that gratitude is one of the most import of human experiences. In a recent study out of the National University of Singapore, researchers sought to tie levels of gratitude in individuals, to greater goal attainment. Past research has demonstrated that gratitude play a role in an individuals self-regulation of positive healthy behaviors, and engendered a prosocial tendency toward others. Based on that, the authors of the Singapore study postulated that gratitude can have an incidental effect in facilitating goal attainment.

Gratitude has many benefits. Gratitude can improve levels of depression, attract greater social support and well being, and at the interpersonal level it can predict satisfaction with romantic commitments. This positive emotion serves to broaden our awareness and seek opportunities previously unknown to us, while increasing generativity and creativity. This is in contrast to negative emotions which narrows our ability to see future possibilities. The conclusion of the study was that gratitude indeed is the psychological gel that binds us to the potency of our actions. If you are struggling to reach your goals, finding a challenge in developing communities of support, it may just be your level of gratitude.

Sean Gardner contacted me this week to ask for my support in #givingtuesday. Today I am grateful for the gift of today, my ability to serve as a leader in healthcare, and the promotion of healthy behaviors in goal attainment. Whatever your goal, applying the gel of gratitude will cement your chances of success!

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