Obstacles are the gifts that build character! Seek them out!

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In the quest for success and excellence the victor is most often the gladiator that learns to overcome their obstacles. Learning to not only be good at, but to love obstacles, is a way of life and an attitude. An obstacle is nothing more than a problem that has not yet been solved.

When we continually turn away from the obstacles before us they begin to stack up like a pile of rocks in a quarry. Obstacles are good, it’s your attitude about them that stinks. Here is 3 tips for becoming a good obstacle-atition whether you want to improve your marriage, your business, or your health.

1. Put away the auto-pilot thoughts that tell you an obstacle means instant failure. Obstacles should not be the starting gun to run the other way. When you begin to see obstacles as a problem to be solved and commit to sticking to…

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