Celebrate Smart- Be the Nerd

ImageWhen I came across this the other day I had to smile. I love this quote. I haven’t been here much lately because, well frankly, I’ve been off celebrating being smart. About a year ago I delved into my Masters studies, not because I want to drive a BMW….okay maybe I do. I went back to school because I needed to. I went back to school to gain the knowledge to contribute to something greater than I was able to with the smarts I already had. I want to contribute to fixing the healthcare mess in the US, and globally for that matter. I didn’t want to merely be someone that sat around complaining about the current state, I wanted to fix it.

The studies are grueling. Six week courses, one after another, for the past year. Each week holds two assignments, one major paper, and the required posts to my fellow nerds, I mean peers. My peers are peeps just like me, that want to improve their lot in life and contribute to something far greater. I am greatly enriched by learning with them in the online environment. The time commitment means shuffling competing priorities and setting certain things aside for now, including my blog time, for now. Maintaining a full time career, creating a fulfilling marriage with my man, and maintaining some level of fitness (the days of competition level fit are non-existent) are full time jobs. 

But soon now…. in just a little over 5 months I will return to my former life, smarter and nerdier. If I had known in high school how cool it was to be a nerd I would have started this journey long ago! Best advice I could and do give….. girls, if you are going to marry, marry the nerd. Whether you marry or not, be the nerd.

So for now, not much time to blog cuz I’m busy being a nerd. I miss it and cannot wait to return. Blessings to you on your journey where ever it takes you! 

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