The Melding of Personal and Professional Technology

Can you think of examples in your life where your personal and professional technology are intertwined? This is a topic near and dear to me. As technology moves forward we must take care to guard the blurring of lines that comes with it. In an article on technology and innovation by John Havens (2013) in The Guardian, it talks about how this is revolutionizing our lives. Most don’t even realize that when we utilize our personal devices in our professional lives the devices can be taken and discoverable in court cases and other legalities. When I think of technological innovation personally and professionally, they really have melded into one and the same for me.

My professional career as a nurse leader has me and my organization knee deep in technology. We use an electronic record to maintain patient data, to monitor and track improvements, benchmarking peer against peer in performance, report to CMS, and to communicate to our satellite facility. We communicate to others and attain training through computer generated emails and webinars. Healthcare Technology and IT is a part of what we do. I can two recent examples of my own melding.

The first example happened yesterday. The organization I am currently with has historically achieved poor customer satisfaction ratings in the IT areas, where as the employees are the customers. The system is often down and as the announcement is heard over the paging system, “Attention staff! Attention staff! The server is down”, the groans abound. In addition, when the server goes down, the phones also go down; not good for a healthcare organization. Yesterday I had a webinar which was scheduled at 4 pm PST. Sure enough at 3:57, you guessed it, the server went down. No biggie for me as I am literally attached to my collection of iPhones and iPad like an astronaut to the mother ship. Staff laughed as they came by my office watching several of us huddled up to my iPad watching the webinar like it were a roaring fire in the dead of winter… “Well at least someone is still connected to the outside world!” a passerby commented.

The second example is in the professional connect to my personal life. Because of my studies and my work I have definitely found great joy in incorporating all of what I have learned from a healthcare and leadership standpoint into a love of writing, blogging, and social entrepreneurship. My name is Susan and I am a professed leadership junkie and Sheryl Sandberg stalker. Yesterday as the day ended a coworker came to my office to coordinate a project. She told me she will be off on Thursday because she has to go to some $10,000 per plate dinner for some CEO at Twitter. “I’ll even have to wear lipstick!” she professed. I immediately fell to her feet, shamelessly grabbing onto her ankle like a ball and chain, “Please take me with you! Please!” She laughed. “Yes I think even that Facebook guy will be there too.”

I love technology and all it has to offer, personally and professionally.

The above post is an except taken from and assignment at Ashford University November 19, 2013.

Havens, John (2013) Personal data: revolutionizing our professional lives.


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