Slow is Aways Better

So you think you know juice? I did too until yesterday. I’ve been juicing forever! I though juice was juice, until yesterday. I have always used a centrifugal high-speed juicer. Yesterday I stumbled upon S L O W! I went into my fav kitchen store for something entirely unrelated and walked out with a slow juicer. The juice from slow juicers retains more of the live-enzymes and have 60% more vitamins and minerals. Slower is better. Slow juice lasts longer. it can be kept for 3 days or more without losing and quality. JuiceH Juicing provides an easy way to supercharge your body! Slow juicing contains more fiber to keep you full and satisfied. If we all just replaced one sugary drink per day with a glass of fresh juice filled with micronutrients we would be healthier, happier, sexier, and last longer! When it comes to juicing, when it comes to good things, S L O W is better. And YES! Juicing will make you sexier!


  1. Janet Camprini says:

    You could slow it down one more step and eat the fruit instead. That way you get the benefit of the fruit without the spike in blood sugar that liquefied fruit can cause. As a pre diabetic I choose fruit over juice. For example, 4 ounces of orange juice would give you 8 or more fruit exchanges (1/2 orange) in one sitting. Food for thought for an aging population.


    • Those are all great points Janet! Juicing does not have to be all about the fruit. I will be sharing a great anti-aging, detox smoothie today that won’t spike your sugar. I look forward to your thoughts on it.


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