Create a Ripple

KeystoneEver hear of a ‘keystone habit’? Keystone habits are small changes or activities that people introduce into their life or daily routine that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their life; they have a ripple effect and spill into other parts of their lives. This ripple effect ends up creating lots of unintended and unexpected positive events.

One of the best keystone habits is exercise. Research has shown that even if only once a week, the habit of exercise will create positive changes in lots of other areas of your life. When you begin to exercise you start changing other seemingly unrelated activities. You will eat better and be more productive, you will look forward to your day, you will be more relaxed and engaged with your life, you will watch less TV and smoke less, you will smile more. Making exercise a keystone habit is not easy, but once done, the difference in every other aspect of your life will astound you!

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