Making Change

In order to grow we must change. It doesn’t happen overnight. Change happens on a day in, day out basis, whether we like it or not. You either ignore change, resist change, or make change. If you want to make change you must check-in with yourself on a daily basis. If you want to grow you need to check-in with yourself on a daily basis.

How many of us now check into our social media sites before we even check-in with our selves, our spouses, our families? Making change in our lives, our marriages, our careers, our physical selves requires us to check-in and be fully present. When we fail to check-in we lose sight of who we are becoming. In this mode we only engage in the emergent, ad hoc “catch up” conversations when we are faced with a crisis. Instead of waiting for this to happen, become proactive in who you are becoming. This emergent check-in frequently happens in a marriage. We fail to check-in with our spouse. We get caught up in quick “catch-up” conversations, we get lost, and so does our relationship. We stop playing, planning, reflecting, and everything stops. The fun, the sex, our futures together gets lost.

Schedule time everyday to check-in with you, with your spouse, with your life! A daily check-in is a time to reflect, plan, direct, and employ intention. Use your check-in time to pray, write, be silent, plan, reflect. Ask two questions during this time and don’t check-out until you’ve found the answer. First, “Where am I at?”, and second, “Where do I need to be?” Make change by making an appointment with the most important being to change your course…YOU!

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