A Little Less “To Do” about Anything

My greatest in joy in life right now is in learning how to “BE” instead of living in the frenzy of “DO”, of living in the trust that I have all the time I need. Yesterday I stumbled across a poster in a thrift shop with the words I needed to read. They tripped me up like a pile of bricks. Words that profoundly hit home for me.

“Listening to your heart, finding out who you are is not simple. It takes time for the chatter to quiet down. In the silence of “not doing” we begin to know what we feel. If we listen and hear what is being offered, then anything in life can be our guide. Listen.”

To learn do nothing, after a lifetime spent in the chronicity of doing, takes time and patience. One must first ask, “What does it look like for me to do nothing?” I absolutely could not answer that at first, and am sure I have only had a glimpse under the surface. Like a glacier with only 10% of its being visible above the surface, that is where most of us spend our days, refusing to look deeper, where the quiet calm lies. We all have our struggles, and this is mine. Learning to just quietly “BE” and let go of “DO”. ~Author Unknown

I share after listening to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk this morning on CBS Sunday Morning, talking about his journey back after a stroke. He said his reason to share in all transparency is about his disability, his paralysis, his stroke, his overcoming, in hopes to inspire another. We all have our own disabilities, some physical, mental, or emotional. The best we can offer ourselves is to listen to our heart. The best we can offer to ourselves, and to others, is to stop being so busy in the doing, and be more fully present in the being. We get so caught up sometimes in the frenzy, we forget how to be. Living life in the frenzy of “To Do” is like a stroke, it will paralyze you. Without am intense rehab plan you may find yourself paralyzed forever. I am absolutely ready for rehab.

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