The Importance Hydration, Especially When It’s Hot!

At 105 today, I will be drinking my water!

Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat


We’ve been told how important it is to stay hydrated. Well, it is and especially when it’s hot and humid. We lose much more during the hot months than any other time of year. Our bodies sweat to keep itself cool. You’ll even notice your veins “pop-up” when it’s hotter. That is because the blood goes to surface in order to cool down.

If you add exercise to the mix, your body sweats even more. Sweating is important due to the evaporation effect that leads to cooling. The same principle is used for “Lyster (or Lister) Bags.” These bags used the principle of evaporation to keep the water inside cool. We had them when I was in the Marines and I suspect they are still used.

So, the more water you lose, the more you have take back in. Even when you breath or urinate, you lose water.

What happens…

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