Conditioning Your Mind, Body and Spirit For an Optimal Life…

How big is your hippocampus? How in touch are you with the beauty of mind, body, heart, and spirit?

Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat


I read recently that only about a third of Americans describe themselves as very happy.  There has been a continued drop in that area.  Yes, the economy has to do something with it and yet, there’s also something profoundly deeper that has led to this feeling.

More and more people are getting fatter than ever before.  I and others have said this many times.  Because of this, the Baby Boomer generation is set to live a less optimal life than the previous generation.  It’s become a slippery slope that seems to affect all subsequent generations.  Obesity affects the brain and in particular the hippocampus.  A smaller hippocampus leads to a higher level of depression due to less serotonin being produced.  It’s been surmised that mental disorders will also be on the rise.

What our society needs now is a “quick swift kick in the pants” that will get us going…

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