We were all born with a natural desire to create. We become fulfilled when we use our creative abilities to bring to fruition what was not there before. When we apply energy here we grow. When we apply positive creation to our current situation we tend to experience great relationships, spiritual strength, happiness in our marriages and businesses, and just life in general. When we are creative we grow.

When people refuse to grow, to push beyond the limits of fear and pain, refuse to stretch into new unchartered territory, they choose to become the low flyers in life. Pull up today! Don’t be a low flyer! And absolutely don’t let the low flyers take you out! Duck! Watch for low flyers! They will try to ground your dreams every chance they get. Every low flyer that tells you that you cannot live your dream is like a toothless bulldog. They may bark alot but they don’t carry much bite. Don’t let them scare or bully you. Surround yourself with high flying visionaries from this day forward!

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