Morning Rituals


Welcome to my morning ritual! Where ever I am, whom ever I am with, and no matter what I am doing it has become a morning ritual to watch the sun rise. It is my daily reminder of the life that waits before me. It brings me greater joy than any other moment in my day. It inspires me, provides hope, and gives faith to my abilities and my gifts. I pray at each sunrise for the awareness as I move through each day to see what it is God wants me to hone in on this day, to focus on, to partner with Him in adding value to the life of others.

This morning is no different. As I stand in my kitchen watching the sun rise before me, listening to Pink in the background….”Try, try, try….you gotta get up and try, try”….I am again so very grateful to see it. Every day, no matter where, who, how, you gotta get up and try.

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