Preparing for Change


Change is born of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with our current state, with our processes at work, with our finances and relationships, with ourselves. We don’t have to stay stuck, we can choose to change.

Change happens in three phases. The first is in acknowledging there is a need to change and progressing to preparing to change. Preparing to change requires a strategy. How are you going to do it? Who will partner with you to assure your success? How will you deal with the naysayers along the way? Trust me, prepare for the naysayers.

The second phase is in managing your changes for long term success. This is where we sometimes get stuck. We know what we need to do, and prepare for it. When we first start out it feels really good and is easy to do. Then, the honeymoon is over and we get lost. We lose sight of our goal and the great goals we started with lose their oomph! Know before you start, how you are going to keep it up for the long haul. What are your tools to go the distance.

The third and last phase is in reinforcing all that you have done. Schedule time to sit back and look how far you’ve come, what worked and what didn’t. Whats next? When you have succeeded in getting through all three phases on just one thing, what you will find is a renewed sense of accomplishment and confidence to take on the next. What one thing do you want to change today?

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