Calculated Moves

Leading well is an artful craft that requires calculated moves. Living well is much the same, an artful craft that requires calculated moves. It is rare I do anything that is not calculated. Forgive me, it’s the process improvement geek in me. If I can’t improve upon it, it does not warrant my time, AND everything can be improved upon. Our work, our finances, our level of physical fitness, our relationships, our marriages. Living well takes a strategy, like a game of chess it takes calculated moves. This is the best tool you have to try new things and look back to see how well you did. It allows you to measure your progress. No plan, no progress.

Fully fit leaders get good at calculated moves for every area of their life and learn to dance well from one area to the other. It is the way our sick little brains move us forward. Great leaders in life and love get good at prioritizing where to spend the hours and minutes of their day, and at the end of the day know they have done enough.

Calculated moves fall into two categories. The first category is in the areas you absolutely have no control over.These are the areas that rely on the moves of others, possibly an opponent. This could be a business deal, or coworkers that are responsible for projects where you are a direct stakeholder, or personal financial investments. These are areas where the variables require you to have a strategy and know what your move will be if things go south. When you are involved in projects that leave you relying on others, leading and living without a plan leaves you vulnerable.

The second area is comprised of the areas of your life wherein you have full control of the outcome, for the most part. Your health is one. In the absence of an acute diagnosis, or some devastating news of cancer, and even then, you are fully in charge of the outcomes. You are responsible for your current state of health. Most of us will die of a chronic disease that we had the ability to prevent. We will die of a chronic illness because we failed to take advantage of some really smart calculated moves. Use today to examine the moves you’ve stashed in your plan for success for the areas that matter most to you. What matters gets measured.

My calculated move for nutritional success today, and everyday is to plan and pack my meals. It includes clean feel good about me food and drinking plenty of clean water. My calculated moves in fitness include gym time. It doesn’t have to be the gym. It could be a walk at lunch. It could be a bike ride. It’s anything that gets you moving. I am lucky to live in California where the weather right now is phenomenal. I plan to get outside at lunch for a walk.

I have included my Calculated Fitness Move of the Month below. The Lunging Body Snatch. I have included this one in my April plan and I love what it does for my core and the good stretch I get in my hamstrings. I do it following leg day and it banishes the soreness better than anything I have found. Give it a try.

Lunging Cross Body Snatch

The Lunging Cross Body Snatch is a great all over body exercise and can be used as part of a warm up or worked into a routine. This exercise works the abs, core, back, arms, and lower body. It is great for lower body, shoulder, and upper back strength. It is also good for improvements in coordination of the upper and lower body. Golfers and baseball players use it to improve rotational strength. Here’s how it’s done.

Start with a dumbbell in your right hand, feet shoulder width apart. (If you are just starting out or elderly try this with no dumbbell at first to determine your balance and coordination.)
Step out lunging laterally to the left.
Reach across your body and touch the dumbbell to the ground.
Using your legs to begin to power you back to your start position and “muscle” the dumbbell overhead as you do.
Start with 12 on each side, do this 3 times through.

Remember to keep the dumbbell close to your body and always keep your head up, eyes on the horizon. If you experience dizziness stop.

What is on your list of calculated moves today?



  1. Nice post! My calculated move is always to live in the moment and enjoy that second you can never get back. 🙂


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