Choosing Happy


I’m listening to the steady rain the morning through the slightly raised window, contemplating all I am grateful for. Somewhere between being grateful for hubby, and life in general I lost count. My mind wandered to “How did I get here anyway?” What is it that creates a life of gratitude?

Is it a life changing event, our upbringing, our circumstances? I have often exclaimed that if I knew I would be so happy as a 50 something year old, I would not have been so UN-happy as a thirty-something year old. I would like to say happy comes with age, yet I know only too many oldsters that are not happy.

So I am going to stick with what I know most to be true, happy is a choice. Happy comes with being fully present to experience the small leaves of joy that float past us everyday. The ones that make us smile when no one person is looking. The ones that, because you know they make sense only to you, you keep them to yourself. The joy comes not in the leaves themselves, not in grabbing them as they float by, but in the beauty we are able to bring into the life of another through our own joy.

Today I am most grateful that I am happy, and intend to cram as many small moments of it into the days that I am blessed to be given. My spirit is grateful for every single one.

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