Motivation or Innovation?


Do you crave better results? Better results in your health, in your business, in your marriage… your life? If you want results, you better get innovative. Can’t seem to find a way to afford that 335i? Want a Fortune 500 company? Maybe you just want a nice set of 6 pack to die for abs. At some point we have all complained that we aren’t reaching our full potential because we can’t find our motivation. The truth of the matter is that your motivation is hiding under your innovation.

True innovation means taking a complacent and accepted system, (your life) that is producing mediocre but accepted results, (because it’s easy) and turning it on its head to shake out the naysayers and disruptors (the tuff part) that make so much noise we lose sight of our (needs) goals. We often look externally to highlight the naysayers that we think are the stealers of our dreams and goals. While I agree, it is important to identify any external boulders that are blocking your path, today I am talking about different boulders. I am talking about the self-imposed boulders that you have placed in your path. I am talking about whispers from the personal disruptors and naysayers that reside in your head that you tune out everyday, but still they affect your results.


If you do not feel your motivation right now, you will not find it if you keep doing what you are doing now. Think about that. Let me say it again. If you do not feel the motivation right now, you will not find it doing what you are doing now. How will you get from point A to point B, if you keep doing what you have been doing, if you keep doing what you are currently doing all the while acknowledging that is not working. If you are not motivated to change, if you cannot find your motivation, that is your answer, do something different. Seek not motivation, seek innovation.

Innovation takes bravery, imagination, and a willingness to do the tuff stuff you have never done. Motivation is built in the steps you take when you do what you did not think you could do. Motivation is built when you refuse to listen to your own distractors. Your distractors are the ones that not only tell you it cannot be done, but also tell you “I told you so” once you don’t. Your rehearsed and well practiced response should always be “Watch me!”

How do you begin to get to point B in a life that has been stuck on point A for so very long? You begin by getting innovative. How do you begin to get innovative? Start today with 2 steps. The first is to take an honest look at your number one goal, is it meaningful, will it improve your quality of life, will it bring joy to you and those around that matter to you. If it is then decide today that you will continue to use it as a focal point for what you do everyday. Do not compromise. Second is to find one hour this week, when you do your best thinking, to mind map your plan. Set a timer for 5 minutes and practice innovation, make a list of as many things that you can think of that are activities that MIGHT get you where you want to go. I said might- don’t try to filter them out at this point, anything is fair game. When you are done take a good look at your list. Pick 3 things that you can and will commit to do for one week. They must be things that you have never tried. (Remember, you are where you are based on what you have already tried that does not work)

What you will find is a 1:3 ratio in the successes toward your goals. For every one thing, for every new approach you try, you will find the muscle to move 3 previously immovable boulders. You will have put innovation to work, like a fulcrum in moving the boulders that you previously placed in your path to greatness.

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