Buns or No Buns…..


Great relationships, advanced degrees, and a lifetime of memories are not attained overnight, neither are great buns. When you get down to it 99% of us will never have buns like the buns in the picture, then again this post really doesn’t have anything to do with great buns, sort of. Its just that pics of great buns seem to grab the most attention and are a good metaphor for my point. They grabbed your attention, right? Come on….

Is it the buns we really want, (not the burger buns) or is it what we gain by the effort we put in whilst seeking great buns of steel? I say both. Superficially we all want to look good and have great buns that get noticed. That may feel good for a bit, but the true value you get comes with the deeper pride and sense of accomplishment you get by doing the work to get those buns. Great buns are an end result that signify a whole lot of work.

Any worthy goal is going to require the same amount of effort, discipline, planning, strategy, sweat, and tears. If you’ve ever wanted it bad enough, and worked hard enough, you have shed a tear over a barbell. You will never know your true excellence until you worked hard enough over a goal big enough that makes you dig deep enough for the way to get it, that you get ticked. Once you get there, you have accomplished what 99% of us never do. Push beyond your limits today and find your true excellence.

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