Our Bodies Wisdom


When it comes to your body and food, food is medicine. Everything we consume contains nutrients, some nutrients carry the weight of a locomotive in their density and in the power of what they have to offer. Then there are other foods that are just as empty and void of the beneficial stuff we need to thrive.

Without any effort on your part, other than choosing and swallowing, your body will take what ever you give it and decipher what to do with it. Vitamin A goes here, Vitamin D sprinkled over there , and protein is needed for some repair after last weeks bicycle accident over yonder. Your body will selfishly take what ever it needs from the nutrition you provide, and use it to keep you going. What happens to the remainder? The remainder then goes to build a beautiful body, when it can.

In all of its wisdom your body will fully utilize what it can, and store the rest for times of need. If you eat good clean stuff it will burn clean, leaving little in the form of toxins and waste. Your energy will soar, your skin will glow, your mood, your creativity, your abilities will astound you. Eat poorly and the converse occurs. Over time you take on excess, excess weight, stress, you become ineffective in the things you do best, living and loving.

There are no excuses for choosing to eat poorly. If you can do nothing else today, you can choose to eat wisely. You decide what to eat, and your body will take care of the rest. Choose good, bad, or indifferent in your nutrition, your body will decide what to do with it. It’s a no brainer. Your inside is saying “Will work for food.” Feed it today, feed it well.


  1. “Will work for food”…love that one! 🙂


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