Somep’n’s Gotta Change

It is puzzling to me, in both my personal and professional life, when people say that they want innovation yet they then seem to employ every option they can to stop it. In organizations we complain about what does not work, and proceed to squash the first idea that comes along to fix it. In our own personal health we complain that our jeans are too tight, and the number on the scale does not add up. Yet given that we currently possess all that is required have full control in our own personal excellence we do not use it. Becoming excellent is about creative dissatisfaction.

When it comes to our health we have an unlimited number of options in our choices. We choose what we put in our mouths and which healthy activities we will avoid. We choose to stay stuck and then we complain about it. How do you go from chronically living in a manner that is unsatisfying and leaves you looking for better, to one that brings a new excitement with every sunrise? The answer is creative innovation. The differences between the person that lives feeling stuck as though in a bubble they cannot burst, and one that sprints through life in hyperdrive, smiling all the way is in the approach to their hurdles.

Becoming excellent, personally or professionally is about being creative and innovative in your approach. The hard part about this, and the cause for a high rate of failure is two-fold.

First, you will encounter and have to deal with others that do not see your bigger picture and how they fit in to it. Your creativity and innovation scares them. They will try to squash your ideas, and in the end, your dream. You scare them! Once you realize and accept this as part of your journey in becoming excellent, you will have cleared a really big hurdle. Trust that as you go, there will be multiple times this hurdle reappears, sometimes bigger that the previous one. The more you practice this hurdle, the better you will get. Don’t complain about it, use it!

The second reason for a high rate of failure is people stop being creative and innovative with WHO they are. They get stuck. They get comfortable. They get tired and give up. When we are working on becoming, we sometimes get so involved and determined on the goal, we lose sight of the process. We lose sight of where we have been and what exactly we need to be doing. What we need to do at that hurdle is put on a new set of glasses. This can be in the form of a life coach, a change in routine, a change in your workout venue, something has to change before something can change. Apply change and you will see change. It’s all about action and reaction. It has been said that creativity is about rearranging what you know, so that you can find out what you don’t know.

In a encounter with Thomas Edison, M.A. Rosanoff asked “Mr. Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules you want me to observe.” Mr Edison replied “There ain’t no rules around here. We are trying to accomplish somep’n!” What rules will you break today in order to accomplish somep’n?

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