Focus and Spring Forward

20130309-080553.jpg Time change tonight! I look forward to this day every year. I love moving that clock forward. I hear all of the whines about losing an hour. Wha wha…… Whats the difference between those that look forward to it and those that do not? Who knows? For me I am greatly excited to gain more daylight in which to seize the day. Since my morning activities include work and working out, I can always do those at o’dark thirty. I do love coming home after work to more daylight to hang outside.

For some reason I am always more focused this time of year, more productive, and more energized. This marks the 3rd micro-cycle of a three part meso cycle for my fitness journey. I did not do all I set out to accomplished but gained a ton of knowledge that I will use in my next. The focus for the next quarter will be light and with intention. We all have the same 24, not matter it be daylight savings or not. It just seems this 1/2 coming up is so much easier for me to fit into. So, I will take advantage of the comfort it provides.

This weekend I am working on my next 3 month fitness and nutrition cycle. I’d love to help you with yours. Remember to checkout the Todd Nielsen 2nd International Leadership Blogathon. ( We are 9 days into some great blogs by very thoughtful leaders. My contribution will be published this afternoon. I would love to hear your thoughts. Blessings and stay focused!

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