Men-The Other Side of the Fence

over the fence 2
I am all about self-improvement in every area of my life. When it comes to being a better wife and woman by getting to know the other half of our species-Men, it recently struck me that I’ve been consulting all the wrong reference materials. Maybe we and the opposite sex don’t see eye to eye because we are getting and reading some really different messages through the media. While the grass is not always greener on the other side, there can be gleaned some great insight by sometimes looking at things through a different set of glasses. I recently took a peek on the other side of the fence. What I found is that when peek your head over the fence, you can learn a whole lot!

As a woman, wife, nurse, and writer I think it’s important for me to stay up to date on, for me, what is great and relevant info to improve in all areas of my life. although initially I felt kinda like I was spying, I recently checked out an issue of Mens Health. What did I find? It was not anything like I expected. It was so much better! I found that the guys are definitely getting better and more feel good information than us girls are. Reading Mens Health was a great bunch of reads. All of the articles are about a healthy happy life, with more energy, on adrenaline and minus any drama, with some phermones tucked in here and there. Okay so maybe alot of phermones.

While I have also not picked up a copy of Womens Health in a long time-just because I am so very busy-I decided to do a side by side comparison of the most recent issues of both Womens Health and Mens Health Magazine, both the same publisher but contain a very different type and style of content. Guess which magazine left me more satisfied? Read on, I’ll tell you.

There is a unique difference in the way each mag feels. The most striking difference for me was in the presentation of the content, not only in the headers but the style in which it is written. Both mags have “Fitness” as the first and foremost focused sections. (Good for them) The second tab topic for Womens Health is “Sex and Love”, but for Mens Heath it is “Sex and Women”. Why is it us gals are not getting a peek into Sex and Men? We know about love. Is it that they think we feel better when we read about love than we do when we read about men?
Over the fence 1
Next in order of article tabs and importance from left to right? For women it is Food, Weight loss, Health, Beauty, and Style. For the guys it was Health, Nutrition, Weight loss, and Style. Why is it women get “Food” and men get “Nutrition”? As a fitness nut and nurse and woman I am so disappointed in Womens Health Mag. Is it a statement on what they think us girls want or the dumbing down of women in the area of nutrition?

The titles of the articles too were so different-the Womens Health topics were downright depressing. Why men cheat, why they are sleazy, things he won’t tell you, how to avoid arguments. If you are what you read no wonder women aren’t happy! The Men’s Health articles were all about Mood Boosters, 4 Steps to Happiness, Hotter Monogamy, How to Last Longer, and I even found out that my favorite position has a really great name! Really? LOL Well if you are what you read, I’m changing my genre. While the grass may not always greener on the other side of the fence, it is always greener where you water it. Mens Health Mag is like a garden hose that fills up my personal watering can. Sorry guys, your secrets are out.

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