The Top 15 things that Happen Once You begin to Fearlessly Lead with Your Heart

Leadership comes with many rewards, many successes, and sometimes an over abundance of what seems like failures. If your current environment leaves you wondering why it was you signed up for this gig, have faith. It is often during the toughest of times, times spent riding out a perfect storm that we as leaders are gently wakened to the greatest gifts. Regardless of how you feel today, how slammed you are with “must do’s”, I hope you can find a moment to stop and think about how far you have come. The rewards of leadership bring great gifts, gifts we sometimes lose sight of. Here are top 15 gifts I have unwrapped on my journey, my path from there, to here.

1. Your heart will grow 100 times its normal size, literally!
2. Your compassion for others will exponentially grow.
3. You’ll develop strengths where you once feared to go.
4. You’ll learn to push past your self-imposed limits.
5. You’ll become extremely resourceful.
6. You’ll develop freakishly innate decision-making skills.
7. You’ll become comfortable with being uncomfortable, to the point you even crave it!
8. You’ll truly empathize and understand what lost ground really is.
9. You’ll chronically impact human lives, for the good.
10. You’ll truly make a mongo magnificent difference.
11. You’ll meet and befriend some amazingly unforgettable new people.
12. You’ll find that the rare “thank you” and/or hug is worth it all.
13. You don’t do this job to be noticed. Heck, you don’t even like being noticed!
14. You won’t do this job expecting to leave on time.
15. You’ll be proud to tell people you’re involved in organizational leadership.

Leadership is a very odd duck, sometimes only leaders, understand and relate to leaders. Leaders are proud to be improvement geeks, to seek excellence. Just as there is an ebb and flow of ideas as leaders, there will be an ebb and flow of your influence. Sometimes good, other days….well? We do our best. The tough days are good, are necessary, and build who we are. They keep us humble, and keep us learning. Keep on going, and just don’t stop!

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