Of Fitness and Food- Maximize for Success

Sundays at my house always resemble me as a well organized (relitively speaking) vacation planner packing for a week long journey. Sundays in my house for the most part are both a loving disciplined ritual and a routine. Food prepping, laundry, exercise plans……When you come down to it, each week is in and of itself a week long journey in the direction of your dreams and goals! What I have learned in my fitness journey is that there is a price for success. That price is called organized discipline. Success in reaching our fitness goals is not seen in one fell swoop, one giant trip to the gym. Successful health and well being does not come from one grand packing trip. Successes in fitness, health, and wellbeing are honed and sharpened in the passing of one weeks preparation to the next. “Where did the week go?” we ask. The week went in the sneaky and obscure disorganized and unplanned moments of each day. Of course you knew that already.

Organized discipline is the price of success in fitness and in leadership. True healthy feel good fit successes come from doing the many little, boring, and seemingly unimportant things one at a time. The quiet-only you can see-cumulative effect of DOING these repetitive mundane tasks is success. I hear you all. “Cardio is so boring!” Yeah well, do it anyway. In the absence of it, stay where you are. One cardio session here, a clean meal there, and some focused reflective time thrown in. As stand alone events they are barely noteworthy of your time. When you put them altogether collectively they create focus, they add shape, they cultivate character, and create a synergy that leads you from one level to the next.

Sunday is my day. My down time day to plan for success. My food for the week is mostly prepared. I always know what I will be eating. My gym clothes are ready, and my work clothes are all planned out. I have to plan if I want to succeed. The problem for most of us comes when we plan to do it in our “spare time”. I don’t know about you but I don’t know anybody that is hanging out with a excess in the area of spare time. Nobody I know is sitting around with huge gaps in their schedule waiting to be filled. And if they are I question thier motivation to succeed. If you want to maximize your success you have to maximize your time. To those of you that tell me “You never have any time!” Oh I’ve lots of time, it’s just busy being maximized. If you want to succeed this week, plan and maximize! You can do it!


  1. this was really helpful thank you. could anyone help me out at this. there is a exercise routine that is used by a great deal of people now. I have been doing alot of reading on this routine to find out whether it is worthwhile. several others on the internet and many of my friends say it is doing the job for them really well. right here is review i seen into it. what do you believe with it? Here should i carry on using it as it’s working out seriously well.


    • I say whatever works for you! Trying to find a fitness program that matches our needs is difficult. I think the most important thing with any program is to stick with it, be patient, and give it time.


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