The Power of Clean

Here we are! 2013!

I love the start of any new year, always filled goals and energy and promise. If at any one time we as people felt empowered to “do it all”, this is the time.

For the last two years I have been blessed to be trained by Jen Hendershott. I never had to think about my food or workout plans. Every Friday like clockwork for the last 112 weeks I was handed my marching orders on a silver platter. Lucky me! In that two years I stepped on stage a handful of times, qualified and went to the Arnold Amateur. As a 52 year old women that did not grow up with a lick of physical fortitude or competitive spirit, that for me was amazing. I did not place, but then again, that’s not why I went. That was the most phenomenal of my experiences this year.

Due to my love of keeping busy I have my hands in so many things. I am more than 50% of the way through my ISSA Exam. I’ve got blogs and magazine projects and goals bigger than ever. For that reason I chose not to sign for another year with Jen, Jen was the best thing that has happened to me since starting this fitness journey! I hope to be there to help in her booth at the Arnold- go see her if you go! For now I am going to hang out, (I am way overdue for some down time) work hard, (like I could do anything else) and get some things off my plate (so I can make room for more) hee hee.

SO…. For the next six months or so that means my own workout and food plans. I am really excited, but suffering slight withdrawals without Jen and John Hendershott and the whole GPO team!

I’ve attached my Eat Clean food list for January as well as a recipe for a really good chocolate berry protein cookie. I did really well through the holidays with my GPO Diet, but still found myself eating far too much of what I ain’t used to and in far greater portions. I know under all of this fluff is some great muscle and tone. January is a good month to find it! If it isn’t on the list, it doesnt belong. Once a week cheat is legal.

January 2013 Food Plan

Goal: Clean it up! Eat only from this list!

Clean Food List:
• Ezekiel brand breads(Food for Life Brand)
• Trader Joes Brand Tortillas
• Unsweetened Almond, Flax, or Rice Milk
• Greek Yogurt Plain
• Protein Powders
• Eggs
• Beef-Flank Steak, Filet Mignon, or Bison
• Fish-Tuna, Salmon, Shark, Mahi, Sea Bass, Cod (Cold Water) Tilapia
• Poultry- Chicken and Turkey boneless/skinless breasts
• Fruits-green apples, grapefruit, bananas(only before a workout), cherries, Berries
• Veggies- anything green, Spinach, arugula, kale, mustard greens, sprouts, kohlrabi, asparagus, pumpkin, snap peas, peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, avocados, tomatoes
• Steel cut oats or triticale
• Dry beans and legumes-Adzuki, garbanzos, White, black
• Brown/Red Rice, amaranth, barley, quinoa, couscous, kasha,
• Bone Broth
• Nuts and seeds- almonds, walnuts, cashews, raisins
• Super foods- chia, flax, spirulina, wheat grass

Mid-morning Magic Cookie

If mid-morning is your rough spot for the carb crave monster- try these!Mid Morning Magic Cookies

• 1 and ½ cup quick cooking steel cut oats
• ½ cup golden flax meal
• 1/4 cup Truvia (I used 10 packets)
• 1 tsp. baking powder
• 4 scoops Chocolate protein powder
• 2 tbsp. Cinnamon
• 1 tsp. Cardamom
• ¼ Cup chopped or slivered almonds
• 8 oz. of frozen cherries or berries heated and mashed
• 3/4 cup liquid egg whites
• 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
• 1/4 cup water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large mixing bowl, mix together dry ingredients (oats, truvia, baking powder, protein & cinnamon, cardamom, and almonds).
In a separate bowl warm the berries in the microwave until bubbly then let cool. When cool mix remaining wet ingredients into dry mixture (berries, egg whites, Greek yogurt, and water). Mix well!

Spray baking pan with Pam. I used a cool muffin top pan that I found that created 9 portions. You can find it in most any kitchen store, or you can also use a regular pan and just divide the servings into 9.

Fill the pan with the mix. I filled each spot to the very top. Bake for about 15-18 min at 350 or until golden brown.
When you remove from the oven check for doneness by making sure that a knife comes out clean when placed in the center.
This recipe makes 9 servings!

Nutritional Info:
• Serving Size: 1 breakfast cookie
• Calories: 185
• Fat: 2.4 g
• Carbs: 19 g
• Fiber: 2.6g
• Protein 17 g

Remember, whatever you have done in the past, and whatever your goals now, make every day count. Make a daily, weekly, monthly plan based on what you can commit to, and make it a slight stretch. Don’t worry if you don’t get it all in. Accept what you have done as your very best! And be well!

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