It’s All About the Math

Perseverance for me is by far the most important factor in determining the amount of joy and success you will achieve from your workout plan.  I am talking about results not only at the gym, but results in your life. Success in life and in the gym is not about how talented you are, about how much money you have, or any fancy junk to get you there. Success in life and the gym comes from the joy in moving toward worthwhile dreams and goals, AND is more about your willingness to persevere.

In workouts there are various formulas for success. Mine is:

S = P x (T + N + R)

I saw a variation of this same formula in the Body sculpting Bible for Women. My own formula is based on your ability to decide what you value and your willingness to stick to it! Whereas S is the success you achieve in your personal goals, P is the amount you are willing to persevere, T is your training, N your nutritional program, and R stands for rest.

Each is a necessary part, and can only have two values, either a 0 or a 1. If you follow each component diligently and completely, you assign a value of 1, a value of 0 is given if you do not do it, or do it half-way. If every single component is followed you will get a max of 3. In the case of a score of 3 you will get consistently get the quickest results from your plan. If you do not include a component inside of the parenthesis you will get a lesser value, therefore lessor results. If you do not include a component inside of the parenthesis, stop whining already! You results may have been related to your P, your ability to persevere. See, if you are not willing to persevere, you get a value of 0, and your whole fitness plan is in the trash, you get no results.

So this week, if you want success commit to the formula, the power to persevere is everything!

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