So you say that you are having a tough time concentrating lately? Lost your focus? Perhaps you just need to get your booty to the gym!

The latest research shows that exercise can help us think better and focus on the things that create great joy in our lives, our family, loves, work, play… all needs mental focus. Exercise can help us stay sharp, keep the brain healthy, and prevent Alzheimer’s diseases along with other diseases that come with getting older. When your brain is fueled with the nutrients that come with activity your ability to operate at peak performance is greatly improved.

When you exercise the hormones and chemicals naturally released help us think better and feel better! When you think better and feel better you begin to experience improvements that contribute to business and personal development, decision-making, stress levels, brainstorming, and every aspect of your life.

Exercise controls stress levels, when you are stressed your brain is busy and you do not think clearly. With exercise your mood instantly improves and your stress melts away. Perhaps some of than comes from getting to the gym and doing something you thought you could not when you first awoke, from feeling proud of what you have done. But for the most part, it arises from the chemicals released when you do. For those of you that enjoy hitting the gym after work, I personally do not, it is a natural form of therapy that soothes the “ick” of the day and helps to promote restful sleep.

Exercise is the BEST form of stress release and will contribute to your ability to think with more clarity and focus. Exercise increases the production of endorphins, and that makes for happy and feel good self-therapy. If you feel you are lacking in your ability to focus lately, get movin!

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