Life is But a Blog

Even though I really need to be up and moving right now I am compelled to accomplish just one more morning task at my desk. There is about 50 different directions I am moving in today and between the adrenaline and excitement about the day, and the second cup of Morning Fog Blend I picked up yesterday I am getting my cardio workout in just sitting here. You know life really is your own blog, its what you make it, the meaning is all there for you, you write it. For those of you reading this that relate, that say “I hate my life, it has no meaning.”, that IS the meaning. You have figured out 80% of the key to success, which is more that most will ever accomplish.

You’ve decided you hate your life, you don’t like where you are? Good for you! You are on your way! What is it you don’t like? Your job? Your current health status? or just the mere fact that finding joy in your everyday life eludes you? Coming to terms with the fact that you are not happy, AND articulating it out loud is empowering. Do it! Call a friend, get your sleepy spouse out of bed, go stand in front of the mirror, but you gotta say it before you can move on.

Once you have said it, the movin on to a life of purpose will unfold. Saying goodbye is a greif process that none of us are very good at, we hate goodbyes. Goodbye takes bravery, lettting go of comfy and fuzzy, letting go takes courage. Today embrace courage, be brave, and step out of the comfort zone. Tell someone “I am not happy with my ……( health, job, relationship) and I am ready to change. ” Trust me, the joy will follow! make it a great day!

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