Yearning to be Well

We all yearn to be well, to be in control of our lives and our health. We seek energy and to feel fit. As we move through life, as we grow, as we age, the gap between well and wanting to be well increases until pulling it all together is like trying to button the pants we used to fit so comfortably in. For some the reality of living in penance for a lifestyle of excess overeating, too little joyful activity, and running on empty after the demands of the day have created a physical and emotional breakdown. It is here that the chronicity of a body in dis-ease begins to settle in for the long haul. This is where Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Depression settle in for the long haul.

Sally arrives at her doctor 10 minutes late. It was already ten minutes after eleven and she had forgotten to eat breakfast for the third time this week. This was probably a good thing she thought to herself, since she was sure she had gained weight again. On the last visit the doctor had told her she simply had to lose 30 pounds or risk having a heart attack, or worse. Her lab work showed that her blood sugars were up, her cholesterol was not responding to the medication, and her blood pressure was still higher than the doc wanted. He just didn’t understand. Besides, Sally had a family tendency to all of those things, it wasn’t all her fault, what could she do about it? Her life was just too busy to address it all right now she thought. She ate as good as she could, she had already quit smoking, she walked for 15 minutes at lunchtime most days, what else could she do?

Well here is the good news, for most of us Sally’s issues are an easy fix, with a little effort and coaching Sally can probably not only improve in all areas, but also get off of some of those medicines under careful direction. The newest research out shows that Wellness Coaching Health and Balance and fitness professionals now constitute the most important fitness trend in the world. As a registered nurse and lifestyle coach I see it on a daily basis, the effects of living in the chronic state of running on empty. There is a life of feeling fit and energetic for all of us out there, we just need to invest enough in the process to figure it out. For some a coach as a partner for a brief period is al that is required. A new direction is all we need.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Medicine is a new way of thinking. Traditional medicine includes scolding you for where you are, giving you a pill to take for a condition, and then scolding again when that doesn’t work. Traditional medicine does nothing to repair where it all started. Most disease states stem from what needs to be done within, repair, restore, and yes…even sometimes a complete overhaul in the way you approach your life. What works in finding your balance and feeling fit are to feed and nourish the places within that are empty, your mind, body, heart, and soul. When you begin to heal within, the negative consequences of the past lifestyle will begin to fall away. When you address the yearning, the wellness will unfold. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, perhaps now is your time, your time to do it different, your time to be well.


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