Everyday Reminders-Self

Somedays it seems time flies so fast, your perspective falls behind your ability to see and appreciate from where you have come, and disappears like a balloon set aloft. We get so focused on what we do not have, and what we cannot accomplish, we all too soon forget what we have done is moving us towards our goals and dreams.

I am a huge believer in positive affirmations, in setting my intention through my thoughts and words. I even make the silliest of things part of my positive way of getting there. One of those is in my passwords that I use about a hundred times a day. I had to laugh this morning when I realized how well that is working for me. I am 19 days out from the Arnold Amateur, and it was not until this morning I remembered a password I was using well more than one year ago. It had to do with the Arnold and the date of my accomplishment. Well passwords come and go, but my goal did not!

In getting where you want to be your self talk and the things that you repeat in your head play a significant role in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do. Studies have shown time and again how what we say impacts our health, our relationships, and the course of our day. Often times the realization and the beauty in our dreams rests in what we “think” about it. So today, when you are thinking and dreaming about where you want to be, think as if it were so! Go get today!


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