Absolute Best


Living a life of being our absolute best is not for sissys! Becoming our absolute best comes after we dispense of the task of  trying to live in perfection. Living a life of being our best requires a practice in patience, willful persistance, passionate perseverance, and for me…meaningful prayer. This journey to living a life of being our best is the reason we we born, we were born to excel! Much of this work for me is the work I do at the gym each morning. It is the perfect time for me to work on my journey, lifting at the gym  ellicits all of the tools I need to succeed in my  day, patience, persistance, pereverance, and yes, even prayer. In the company of so many others on the fitness journey, I am still there in my own solitude, with my music, and my thoughts, transforming.

The awareness we can experience alone with ourselves in solitude is transforming. When we accept who we are in solitude, amidst all of our imperfections, we gain confidence in our self worth and what we have to offer when surrounded by others. It is not until we create spaces of time in our day to retreat in solitude that we fully honor the same private spaces to those we love, not seeking to fill our own lives with their constant presence, and holding them accountable for our joy. And it is there in the joy, we are able to be!

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