Leading our Souls (Part One)

Remember way back when, when you were little and young and ready conquer the world? – Or at least determined enough to take on your own little neighborhood. We were ready to go out and prove to the world that we could take on and do anything we wanted to! How many times did we tell the playground bully or some other intimidating soul “I could if I wanted to!” For the majority of us, and for many reasons there came a time in our journey and in our lives, that our perspective on how truly powerful we are made a shift. We came to realize as adults that it was not only what one thinks in the mind, or expresses in words, no matter how powerful the words are that matters, it is what we DO in everyday action that serves to move us. Somewhere along the line we began to doubt our power, our words grew quiet, and our ability to “DO” became diluted by an all-consuming number of “I cants’.”

The greatest self-imposed barrier in propelling ourselves forward is combined first with the loss of our most powerful past belief that we can do anything we want to, and then secondly generating enough meaningful consistent activity to accomplish what we initially set out to do in the first place. Let me say that again- We first lose faith in our abilities to accomplish anything we set out to do, and then we fail to apply an everyday consistency in effort to get us there. As children big talk without action may have worked on the playground bully but as adults it is meaningless. Not only is talk without action meaningless but soon our brain begins to believe it, we believe what we see not only in others but in ourselves. Doubt soon begins to seep into our soul’s belief system and becomes the foundation for all we do, or TRY to do. Done too often and we begin to resemble a hen who has merely laid an egg, yet cackles as if the world were ready to end, too much talk and very little action. We become what we believe.


There is a Chinese proverb that says “all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action”. If you really want to move forward in the coming year and accomplish something great you are going to have to lead yourself with your soul. All good intentions, anything worth fighting for, you will find in your soul, the rest is all big talk and fluff. What will emerge for you in 2013? What need lies dormant in your soul by the pillars of “I can’t” that toppled upon it long ago?

Whether it is fitness, your work, your home, or your marriage, once you put a clear plan in place and commit to the consistent effort to make it what you desire you are going to be very proud of what you created. It takes a plan, a mental commitment, and an active focus!

Next up: In part two-What to do once you figure “IT” out? How do you move from talking about it to doing it? All it takes a plan and a commitment; remember…. you can do it if you want to!

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